Venticinque anni e il naso sempre tra le pagine – Chistmas edition!

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#40 Teaser Tuesday!

Anche oggi un teaser, totalmente spoilerfree, dalle pagine di uno dei cinque libri che ho in lettura. Niente panico, non mi sono trasformato in uno di quegli esseri mitologici che riescono a gestire così tante letture: Le Cronache di Magnus Bane sono in dirittura d’arrivo, così come questa novella dalle potenzialità incredibili ma eccessivamente pesante per i miei gusti. Ma non voglio anticiparvi nulla della recensione che mi prometto di scrivere forse già in giornata, quindi vi lascio con la citazione e vi auguro una buona giornata!

“The worst you’ll do is screw it up and it collapses. Wards are pretty harmless as spells go. They don’t hurt anything if they fail, so you can’t do worse than not managing the spell.”
“If you say so,” Tai said. He shifted, biting his lip as he stared at the flattened square of grass. Carter waited, feeling the spark of Tai’s energy as he started casting. The spell was barely there, and Carter couldn’t get a good read on it before it collapsed. Tai sighed, rubbing his forehead. “What did I do wrong?”
“I don’t know,” Carter admitted, smiling wryly because that was better than being frustrated at his lack of power. “I couldn’t get a good handle on it before it collapsed. Try again, but put more energy behind it?”
Tai nodded. This time he held a hand out toward the space where the ward would be, and Carter felt it when Tai started casting. Tai’s cool energy spun through the space, building a ward seemingly effortlessly—but then it fell apart when Tai tried to close it off far too soon. Tai looked at him questioningly.
“You tried to close it too soon,” Carter said. He reached into the space where Tai had been casting the ward, drawing a circle in the center of the space. “You set the wards up to enclose this much, but then tried to lock it in place like it contained the whole of the space.”
“But it felt like it was done,” Tai said.
Carter almost snickered, knowing full well what his mother would say to that nonsense. “Yeah? How did it feel?”
“Like the energy fit the space,” Tai said. “Like it did when you switched from building them to locking them down.”
That hadn’t been the answer Carter had expected, and he frowned, considering that. “Try it again? Push it past that point, and I’ll see if I can let you know when to try and close it off.”
Nodding, Tai held his hand out toward the space again. His magic spun up, cool and sharp, and Carter focused on it, paying close attention. Tai nearly faltered when he pushed past the point where he’d closed the spell previously but kept going. Carter waited until Tai reached the point where the space was contained in his wards, then nodded at Tai. “That’s it.”

Carter Bellwood’s family has Earth-claimed the Bellwood territory for generations and they’ve always had an excess of Earth energy to back it up. Until Carter, whose energy is barely a fraction of that his mother has. But he’s the only Earth wizard in his generation and set to inherit the territory—if there’s anything left of it. The territory is being ravaged by a disease that kills all plant life it comes into contact with. They can’t cure it, can barely contain it, can only watch as their territory turns into a barren landscape.
Then a new Earth wizard shows up. Tai is everything Carter is not when it comes to the strength of his magic, and more importantly he knows how to cure the disease. But he’s also terrified and clearly on the run from something, and Carter’s not sure Tai’s help is worth the risk of him trying to stake his own claim on the territory—or the risk that whatever he’s running from finds him…